We are preparing students for jobs that don't yet exist using technologies that have not been invented in order to solve future problems beyond what we can see now. Looking to the future, we are developing dynamic courses to prepare you for future jobs utilizing film & media. ​


XR & Unreal Engine

Recieve the training both strategically and hand-on in the latest leading-edge production technologies for you to thrive in the future of film production. 


Venture Capital

Learn to pitch ideas to investors for funding. We teach how to step into the investors perspective and raise the funding needed for your project. 


Streaming Platforms

Learn the latest knowledge in distribution utilizing streaming platforms and the newest methods of sharing your film and media projects with your audience. 

Astronaut surfing dark sky. Mixed media

Media Missions

Become a media missionary by combining your faith and talent for film and media to make an impact in the industry while having a thriving career.

AI learning and business artificial intelligence, modern , transformation of ideas and the adoption of technology in business in the digital age, enhancing global business capabilities , Ai.

Marketing & AI

Explore the power of using artificial intelligence and combining it with film and media through script to production to distribution and marketing. 

Hispanic curly haired woman, surprised while watching a movie with virtual reality glasses

Metaverse & Beyond

Be on the leading edge by learning how to bring film and media into the metaverse and beyond and the unique ways we can make an impact in the virutual world.


What Makes Us Different?

Compass + takes a different approach to your education by walking with you throughout your training and throughout your career to achieve your greatest potential. 


Preparing You For the Future

We are preparing students for jobs that don’t yet exist to solve future problems beyond what we can see now.


A holistic Approach To Your Career

We go beyond graduation, walking with you throughout your career in the film and media industry. 


Equipping You to Start Your Own Business

We teach you how to start a business, pitch your project for investment, and utlize training and resources in venture capital. 


Networking Skills - We help you Create and Nurture a Community

We are your agents and advisors with a network of resources that provide you with a community now and into your future. 


We Keep Our Focus North on God

Compass combines biblical principles throughout your learning, helping you walk out your faith and calling.